SportsPickle Fan Girl: Caroline (Washington University, St. Louis)

SportsPickle Fan Girl
Caroline — Washington University (St. Louis)

SP:Do you have any sports background?
Caroline:I played volleyball, basketball, and soccer in junior high. In high school I continued volleyball and ran track (sprinted, hurdled, pole vaulted, and long jumped). Now I just do intramural volleyball and ultimate frisbee because school took over. I still run every now and then to stay fit, and whenever I find the time out of my busy schedule, I love a good basketball pickup game.
SP:I've played many of those sports in video games. What is your favorite sport to watch?
Caroline:Definitely basketball! I also love going to the occasional baseball game, too. I recently got into watching football, since the love of my life is a huge football fan.
SP:Yes. I am a big football fan. But you can watch whatever you want. Oh, you weren't referring to me. How embarrassing. Let's move on. Who is your favorite team? Favorite athlete?
Caroline:I was raised mostly in Southern California and my family loved watching basketball games, so I'm ABSOLUTELY a Lakers fan and Kobe Bryant fan for LIFE (and they're gonna WIN again this year)!! I'm actually in an interesting situation—I'm living in Boston over the summer, so I'm surrounded by Celtics fans…not to mention my man is a Celtics fan. I also really like the Chicago White Sox—it was the first sports game I ever went to. I do have a special place in my heart for the Pittsburgh Steelers because I went to junior high and high school with Rashard Mendenhall.
SP:Very cool. And definitely cooler than going to school with Ben Roethlisberger. Okay,anything else interesting you want to add?
Caroline:I consider myself a natural at sports, but most people don't expect that from me because I'm only 5'1". Actually, most people don't expect me to be a sports fan, either, considering how devoted I am to school.
SP:[Shoves Caroline in a locker.]

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