Scott Boras hoping to get his clients big contracts to compensate for their 68-percent agent commission

Baseball super-agent Scott Boras represents several of the top picks taken in the 2010 MLB Draft. And while general managers dread negotiating with him, he says the perception that he is trying to bleed teams of money is unfounded. "I just want what's best for these kids," said Boras. "I would never say this in a negotiation, but who knows if they'll ever even reach the major leagues. Many young prospects flame out. So they need this money now to last the rest of their lives. And they need a lot of money because I take 68-percent." In 2009, Boras negotiated the largest contract in draft history for No. 1 overall pick Stephen Strasburg. "He got me a record deal. That's all you can ask for from your agent," said Strasburg. "But after his commission and fees, I only had enough left to buy a used Corolla and make a security deposit on a two-bedroom apartment. But it's cool — he said I can stay at one of his mansions whenever I want."