Puncher knocks out boxer in first round

In what many are calling an upset, raw puncher Michael Dokes knocked out Phillip McCormick last night in Atlantic City, pummeling the classically trained boxer to the canvas with a barrage of wild, power-packed haymakers, some of which landed.“Phillip was planning for a long fight,” said McCormick’s trainer, Freddie DeFranco. “He was going to methodically exploit Dokes’ weaknesses until he was rewarded with a decision by the judges after the final round. But then that mad man came out and started punching him so hard and it ruined our whole plan. All that training and Phillip goes down in 38 seconds. What a jerk that Dokes is.”Dokes said he got into boxing after a promoter saw him break another man’s jaw with one punch in a bar fight.“I may not know every little thing about boxing,” said the undefeated Dokes. “But I can punch really, really hard. And, I’m sorry, but I am going to have to rely on that until I receive the proper training.”