Police Refuse to Look at Surveillance Video of Sepp Blatter Getting Stabbed

Johannesburg Police officials say they will not look at surveillance video taken of the scene where FIFA president Sepp Blatter was stabbed this morning.
"We had officers near the scene of the attack, and if they didn't see anything, that's the best we can do," said Johannesburg Police chief Abraham Kefentse. "I think human error is meant to be part of investigating crimes. It has always been that way."
Kefentse also said he was worried that viewing the tapes would slow the investigation down.
"There are, like, 24 hours of tape to look at," he said. "By the time we get looking at that, the perpetrator would likely be long gone and it would totally mess with the flow and tempo of our usual investigation."
Blatter was disappointed by the JPD's decision, but said he understood.
"Using video technology is a slippery slope," he said, clutching at his still bleeding wound. "You use it to find criminals, great, but soon you'll be living in a big brother state. Oh, god. Yeah, I really need to get to a hospital."
JPD officials say they will meet in a few weeks to consider consulting surveillance footage should Blatter get stabbed again.