Muggsy Bogues poses triumphantly next to Manute Bol’s casket

Former NBA point guard Muggsy Bogues flew to Sudan today to get a series of photographs taken of him standing next to Manute Bol's casket. "Yeah! Who's shorter now?" Bogues said grinning as the photographer he hired snapped away. "Five-foot-three is way taller than under the ground! Woooooo!" Those close to Bogues say he has long been bitter about being forced to pose repeatedly during his career beside Bol, who dwarfed him by 28 inches. They say they begged him to be more respectful to Bol in his passing, but that Bogues refused. "We locked him inside his house so he couldn't leave," said his brother. "But he crawled out through the dryer exhaust and went to the airport."