Lady Gaga Shocks Fans by Quietly Keeping Score at a Mets Game

Lady Gaga's outrageous behavior continued last night as she sat in the upper deck seat she purchased at Citi Field and quietly kept score for all nine innings of the Mets' 14-6 interleague victory over the Tigers.
"I am shocked by her actions," said Mets general manager Omar Minaya. "Who still keeps score at a baseball game? At least, who does it who isn't an old man or a nerdy virgin? I don't know what Ms. Gaga's angle here is, but I don't care for it."
Minaya admitted he was pleased that Gaga kept to herself during last night's game and didn't insult Mets fans, but is worried what she might do next to top keeping score.
"This woman is addicted to attention and she keeps trying to top herself," he said. "I fear what's next. I heard she might wish her friend happy birthday by texting the message to the stadium scoreboard."
Gaga, who was recently in the news for giving the finger to Mets fans at a game and for drunkenly making the rounds in the Yankees clubhouse following a loss, said she kept score simply out of her love of baseball.
"It is so simple, yet so beautiful," said Gaga. "There's nothing like writing in '6-4-3' on a scorebook or shading in the diamond to signifying a run scoring. It just enhances the baseball experience. I'd compare it to having sex while wearing a massive strap-on covered in rhinestones. Simple, yet beautiful."
The singer also apologized if she offended anyone sitting near her by writing in her scorebook with her blood.