Jon Scheyer’s Face Stays Like That After Not Getting Drafted

Duke guard Jon Scheyer was predicted to be a second round draft pick by many NBA Draft analysts. But when the final pick was called on Thursday night, Scheyer had been officially passed over — and his face took on a shocked and horrified expression that friends and family say is his most ridiculous ever.
Worst of all: his face still remains that way.
"I'm really starting to get worried," said Lina Scheyer, Jon's mother. "Usually his face goes back to normal after a few seconds when a foul is called — or not called. But this is the worst news he has ever received. And it's by far the longest his face has ever looked that way. It's terrifying."
After the final pick of the draft was called, Scheyer sat on the living room floor in front of the television, holding his knees and rocking back and forth with his face all Jon Scheyer'd out.
"I felt terrible for him," said Tom Scheyer, Jon's father. "But I assumed he would eventually get up and go to bed."
And Jon did. But Tom Scheyer says that's when things got really worrisome.
"I looked into his room at about 3:00 a.m.," said Tom Scheyer. "And Jon was laying there with his eyes closed, asleep. But his face was still doing that. You know, the Scheyer face."
Mr. and Mrs. Scheyer have now secured a muscle relaxer prescription for their son, but that has also has had no effect and has merely forced drool to flow out of the Scheyer face.
Jon refuses to answer when asked if he is okay, other than a series of siren-like wails: "Aaaaaaaaaah. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH. Aaaaaaaaah. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH."
Greg Wojciechowski, the father of former Duke point guard Steve Wojciechowski, says it will take time.
"When Steve didn't get drafted, he stayed in his bedroom for two months, slapping the floor and falling over backwards," he said. "But thanks to lots of counseling and time to heal and recover, he has stopped that. For the most part."