Historically long tennis match remembered as historically long

The record-setting tennis match between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut finally ended today at 70-68 in the fifth set when Isner ripped a forehand past his opponent of the last 11 hours. "Wow. That was a really long match," said Isner. "Just lots and lots of tennis. Lots and lots of tennis." Mahut agreed: "My God. What a long match. It was just so … long. It was very … lengthy. Really just … time-consuming, I guess you could say." Patrons who attended the match said they will tell their grandchildren one day about witnessing the 11-hour Isner-Mahut match. "They'll say: 'Grandpa, what was it like?'" said one English fan. "And I'll say: 'Well, imagine a regular tennis match. And now imagine it being, like, five times as long. It was very long, basically.'"