Deaf Fan Enjoys Doing the Wave

With the usual roar of the crowd well below his hearing threshold, lifelong Rockies fan Doug Mabrey really enjoyed participating in the wave during the team’s 7-3 victory over the Diamondbacks last night.
Mabrey, who lost his hearing during early infancy, has been a longtime attendee of Rockies games, but has often felt excluded from much of the fan experience. When Dinger, the team’s triceratops mascot, began the wave by running along the first base line flailing his arms, Mabrey knew it was a good opportunity for him to join in on the fun.
“It was great to stand up and wave my arms and know I was doing it right,” wrote Mabrey on a piece of scrap paper. “Who knows? Maybe next time I’ll give the Noise-O-Meter a shot.”
Wednesday’s game marked Mabrey’s best attempt at communal cheer participation since last July, when he hollered “Nets No Nockies!” slightly off rhythm from the rest of the spectators.
While Mabrey has yet to purchase any more tickets for games this season, something tells him he’ll be in attendance at Coors Field sometime soon.
“We’re in it to win it, baby!” he indicated through sign language, or so one would assume.