Closer saves beat writer’s pre-written game wrap

Blue Jays closer Kevin Gregg shut the Padres down in the 9th inning to preserve a 6-3 win for his team, saving the game wrap that Toronto Sun beat writer Jeff Magrye had finished midway through the sixth inning. "Kevin really would have let the team down if he blew that save," said Magrye. "And, more importantly, he would have let me down. I wasn't paying attention to the game since I finished my game wrap in the sixth. I would have been screwed." Magrye's game wrap focused entirely on Shawn Marcum's strong start and a 4-run second inning that staked Toronto to a 4-0 lead. Thanks to Gregg saving his report, Magrye was able to cap it with one sentence: "The Padres and Blue Jays traded runs in the seventh and eighth before Kevin Gregg came on in the ninth to close it out."