Chinese Restaurant Gives Celtics Bulletin Board Material

Local restaurateur Sun Ho Chin didn’t think much of his decision to change the price of his Beef Chow Mein to $4.50, nor did he consider the ramifications of charging an extra 15 cents for every packet of duck sauce. But when word of the new menu that was posted to a bulletin board outside the Boston Celtics locker room reached the players, sparks flew immediately.
“He did what?” said center Kendrick Perkins when reporters informed him of the price change. “Are you serious? Fifteen cents for a packet of duck sauce? No no no, that shit don’t fly with us. We’ll see what happens when we think about ordering the post-game meal. You don’t go run your prices like that during the NBA Finals and expect to get off scott free.”
Head coach Doc Rivers attempted to diffuse the situation by simply laughing it off as another example of, “Ho Chin being Ho Chin”, but his players weren’t buying it.
“Just because he’s always doing outrageous things like this, like riding around on bike, doesn’t make them excusable,” said guard Ray Allen. "You have to pay for your actions."
After enduring taunts of “Hooo Chiiiin” and onslaughts of nickels and dimes thrown at him from the afternoon lunch crowd, the Golden Pagoda owner backtracked on the decision a bit by blaming rising costs and low customer turnout as the reason for the price increase. It didn’t appear to do any good, however, as Ho Chin was met with a vicious elbow to the chin on behalf of Celtics forward Rasheed Wallace 30 seconds into last night’s post game meal. Wallace was promptly arrested for assault and battery.
“He's the Chinese delivery guy?" Wallace said. "I had no idea. He was just at elbow height so I thought it would be fun to lay him out."