6 Things to Know About the Vuvuzela

1. The vuvuzela was invented by African hunters in the 1100s. Instead of tracking and killing lions, they found it much easier to blow the vuvuzela and annoy the animals into suicide.
2. While today's vuvuzelas are made of plastic, the horns were originally carved from the femur of a goat. The goats were traditionally slaughtered in the stands during games because their screaming mixed nicely with the sound of the vuvuzela.
3. Outside of their use at sporting events, vuvuzelas today are most often used by fraternity members at African universities as beer bongs. In fact, when a Bro is Iced in Africa, he must drink the Smirnoff Ice through a vuvuzela. It's Bros Vuv'ing Bros.
4. Johannesburg's Vuvuzela Orchestra is considered the world's premier vuvuzela symphony orchestra. Here is the JVO's most recent performance of Beethoven's Ninth:

5. Rock concerts reach 115 decibels. Human pain begins at 125 decibels. The sound from a vuvuzela hits 127 decibels. Many theologians believe hell is the state of being at a Nickelback concert during an eternal vuvuzela solo.
6. By placing a cork in the mouthpiece of the vuvuzela, it becomes a perfect vessel for the collection of your ear blood.