Vince Carter Asks If He Can Play With His Warmups On

Orlando Magic guard Vince Carter told head coach Stan Van Gundy that he plans to leave his warmups on for Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals.
"I don't want to get chilly," he said. "And warmups are just so comfortable. They're almost like pajamas. Keeping them on will really help me relax out there. That's what I need."
Van Gundy has told Carter that he may not keep his warmups on for the game. But the coach doubts it will matter.
"Hey, if Vince or any of my players listened to anything I told them to do or not do, I'd be a happy man," said Van Gundy. "But I think this series has shown I don't really have a purpose here."
In a desperate attempt to turn the series around, Van Gundy is even trying some reverse psychology on his team, stressing four keys to Game 4: Don't Rebound, Don't Defend, Don't Take Good Shots, Don't Play With Energy.
"I can definitely do all those," Carter said. "And so I think coach needs to meet my halfway. That's why I'm wearing my warm-ups."
The former North Carolina, Raptors and Nets star dismissed those who might say wearing warmups is another sign that Carter is soft or lazy.
"Ridiculous," he said. "And I'll prove it. If I get a breakaway, I have this awesome dunk where I unbutton my pants in the air and then do a tomahawk. It's awesome."
Carter said that he will then put his warmup pants back on "of course, so I don't get a brush burn."