The 2010 NBA Draft Lottery lucky charms

The NBA Draft Lottery is Tuesday night. It's a tradition for each team's representative to bring along a lucky charm.
Let's take a look at what this year's representative will bring.
1. New Jersey Nets — The basketball used to score the Nets' basket this season.
2. Minnesota Timberwolves — Brian Cardinal's heart.
3. Sacramento Kings — Tyreke Evans' severed foot attached to a key ring.
4. Golden State Warriors — Stephen Curry's mom.
5. Washington Wizards — A large array of weapons, all aimed at David Stern.
6. Philadelphia 76ers — A Taser, held in the direction of David Stern.
7. Detroit Pistons — A poster of The Jonas Jerebko Brothers: Nick, Joe, Kevin, and Gjord.
8. Los Angeles Clippers — The hell's a lucky charm?
9. Utah Jazz — A white person.
10. Indiana Pacers — An albino person.
11. New Orleans Hornets — Sean Payton's lucky Vicodin.
12. Memphis Grizzlies — The ashes of whatever they brought last year that tragically led to the selection of Hasheem Thabeet.
13. Toronto Raptors — A piece of clover picked from Patrick O'Bryant's hometown in the old country of Oskaloosa, Iowa.
14. Houston Rockets — John Wall's kidnapped little sister.