Redskins to keep wearing Redskins uniforms to honor redskin people

Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder announced today that the team will continue to wear Redskins uniforms in order to honor "all the redskins."
The announcement comes in the wake of the Phoenix Suns wearing "Los Suns" jerseys in a playoff game as a protest against Arizona's new immigration law.
"The Suns have been getting so much attention for their statement, and I just want to remind people that the Redskins have been doing this since 1932," said Snyder. "Despite being godless savages, the redskins were here before us, and I think the least we owe them is a football team named in their honor."
Snyder said the Redskins organization has long considered the team name to be "almost like a peace offering to [Native Americans] of wampum, or whatever that stuff was that they smoked."
"And, in exchange, those warlike-people gave us a really cool name for a team," he said. "A really cool and terrifying name. Just the thought of one of those people riding at you on a horse will make you shit your pants. Because they had absolutely no inhibitions. None. They were like animals. They'd cut your head off, kill your wife and kids. Just because you looked at a squirrel wrong on their land. It didn't matter. And that stuff is scary and definitely great for a team name. So that's why we honor the great, red-faced people. Excuse me … red-skinned people. I know you have to be PC these days."
Snyder added that he wishes more teams would stand up and make statements like the Suns and Redskins.
"We are only one team," he said. "There's only so much I can do. But if I could, I'd own NFL teams called the Blacks and Yellowfaces, too."