Ray Bourque Hoping to Sign with the Bruins for a Stanley Cup Run

According to sources close to Hall of Famer Ray Bourque, the legendary defenseman would like to sign with his former team, the Boston Bruins, in hopes of finally winning a Stanley Cup in Boston.
"Winning with the Avalanche back in 2001 was great for Ray," said his longtime agent, Sid Grant. "But we all know that was never his career goal. He played 21 seasons in Boston and this is one of the best chances he has."
The Bruins currently hold a 3-0 lead over the Philadelphia Flyers in the Eastern Conference semifinals, with only the No. 4 or No. 8 seed waiting for them in the Eastern finals. It's as close as Boston has been to a Stanley Cup in years. But as much as the team wants to remain associated with the longtime face of the franchise, they're not sure how much they want him on the ice.
"We're playing our best hockey of the season right now," said Claude Julien. "I'm not sure how much I want to mess with our roster. Plus, isn't Ray, like, even older than Chris Chelios now?"
Bourque, who turned 49 in December, is 13 months older than Chelios, who played seven games this season for the Atlanta Thrashers.
"Chris has stayed in game shape through his 40s, while Ray has been retired for nine years," said Julien. "Plus, let's not pretend playing for the Thrashers is like playing in the playoffs. In fact, it's actually impossible to play for the Thrashers and play in the playoffs."
But opening up a spot for Bourque is very popular around town.
"With the us winning and the Red Sox losing, the bandwagon is filing up pretty fast," said left wing Milan Lucic. "When I tell people I play for the Bruins, they say: 'Oh, do you know Ray Bourque?' I then have to explain to them that he hasn't been on the team for a decade. But I'm sure if we got him back, people would get excited about the rest of the team, too."
The Bruins admit that, if forced, they would much rather play 50-year-old Ray than his 24-year-old son, Chris, a Washington Capitals minor leaguer.