Parents Proud To Learn Son Has High Basketball IQ

Little Tanner Davis has only been in school for two years, but so far through kindergarten and first grade he has received very poor grades.
"We were worried. Very worried," said his mother, Sheila Davis. "It was starting to look like he had a mental retardation. That's why we sent him for tests."
And just as Tanner's parents, teachers and school officials expected, tests showed that he does indeed suffer from mental retardation. The boy's IQ is 57, well into the range of a profound cognitive disability.
"However, they also tested him for basketball IQ," said Tanner's beaming father, Vince. "And he was off the charts. He's only six, yet he knows all about spacing on the floor, drawing contact, even how to attack a zone defense. I couldn't be more proud of my boy."
Tanner will immediately be placed in remedial classes, but will also be enrolled in an enrichment gym program.Jack Morrow, the varsity boy's basketball coach in Tanner's school district, will also consult with the boy.
"From everything I've heard, he's got an amazing future," said Morrow. "He only 3-foot-7 right now, but he's also only six. He'll grow into his frame. I'm just glad to hear that, outside of basketball, he's pretty much a moron. Those make the best athletes. They don't question what you tell them and they never over-think out on the floor. This kid could be a great one. I just have to make sure he doesn't have any sort of mental breakthrough."
The boy's mother isn't nearly as excited.
"This is not what I dreamed of for my son, you know?," she said, hanging up on the fridge a piece of the boy's artwork — a basketball play drawn in a green ink. "Who knows. Maybe he has some artistic talent, too. I've never seen something like this done in snot before."