Nike signs Calvin Borel to endorse its jockey shoes

Calvin Borel rode the winner at the Kentucky Derby in three of the past four years. Now the most successful jockey in horse racing is set to cash in with an endorsement contract with Nike for their line of jockey shoes. "It's every jockey's dream to be able to make a living off of the sport we love," said Borel. "Well, assuming the dream to not be miniature isn't a possibility. Same with the dream to be respected." Nike hopes attaching Borel's name to the line can boost sales. "Our jockey line of shoes is just what we're calling our kids shoes that don't sell," said a Nike spokesman. "Instead of putting those kids shoes on clearance and taking a hit, we mark them up as specialized 'jockey' shoes. That's why you may have noticed that Calvin's shoes are velcro and have a picture of a cartoon frog on them."