NFL gives Super Bowl to Vice City

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced Tuesday that the 2014 Super Bowl will be placed at Vice City’s Hyman Memorial Stadium, home of the Vice City Mambas. "I know this may be a controversial decision," said the commissioner. "But there will be some things that we will expect from Vice City. For starters, we’ve asked the VCPD to get the murder rate down from its current rate of 95-percent to a more reasonable 85-percent. We’re also concerned with what seems to be a lax attitude towards drugs and overt sexuality in the city. For example, the fact that the airport is named after Pablo Escobar and the stadium is named after the hyman does not coincide with the NFL brand image.”The NFL also announced that halftime show coordinators have decided that five years from now local favorite Love Fist will be old and uncool enough to play the halftime show.Goodell was presented with a key to the city by a local prostitute, and, as is tradition for every ‘key to Vice City’ ceremonies, proceeded to killed her with it.