NBA officiating signals … explained!

It wouldn't be the NBA Playoffs without some controversial officiating.So it’s probably worth brushing up on some common signals used during a game by the referees.

Well, if you were a star player, I would have called a foul on your defender. But since you’re not, well … I’m just going to stand here, okay?

Oh, so you think that wasn’t a foul, big fella? Well, why don’t you come down here and blow me.

Yeah, I’d take the over if I were you.

Keep complaining and I’ll shove my fist right up your ass.

Maybe if you didn’t have a criminal record I would have given you that call.

Hey, coach! F–k you!

If you want to keep arguing, you’re going to have to talk to my hand puppet, Mr. Whistles.

You seem to be stuck in a vicious cycle of disappointment and anger.

If you have any further questions, you can talk to David Stern over there. I get my orders from him.