Lookin At Lucky stripped of Preakness title due to nude web photos

Lookin At Lucky, the winner of this weekend's Preakness Stakes, will have his title stripped by Triple Crown officials due to the discovery of salacious, genitals-baring photos of the horse on the Internet.
The photos, originally found on the personal website of Lookin At Lucky’s former trainer, show the Preakness winner wearing only a saddle and shoes, with his large horse penis playfully peaking out from behind his brown tail.
“We don’t have a written contract, per se, with the horses on how they should handle themselves in public,” said Preakness chairman Walter Resnick. “But let’s just say that we don’t find it befitting a Preakness champion to have his penis splashed all over every blog in the world.”
Those close to the horse say the photos were taken when Lookin At Lucky was a young foal trying to get noticed.
“He had those pictures done to show how strong and powerful his haunches are,” said Bob Baffert, who currently trains the horse. “Any glimpses of his man parts were surely accidental.”
But Resnick and Preakness organizers aren’t buying the explanation.
“If you don’t want people to see your penis, you keep your tail over it,” said Resnick. “It’s not hard to do. One of the primary purposes of the horse tail is genital coverage. We didn’t see pictures of Secretariat or Smarty Jones’ dick, did we? Funny Cide even took the step of having his balls cut off. The dignity of the sport mean that much to him.”
With his title gone, Lookin At Lucky is not expected to race in two weeks at Belmont. But considering the headlines he has generated from the photos and being spotted out in Baltimore after the race with Michael Phelps, many believe the controversy could boost TV ratings for the final leg of the Triple Crown.
“This Lookin At Lucky scandal has really gotten people talking about horse racing,” said Belmont chairman Wayne Thibidault. “I think a lot of people will tune in. On the other hand, maybe people will turn away in fear they will be subjected to an up-close shot of a horse penis. Nobody wants to see that.”