Lebron James To Be Broken Into Smaller Corporations

According to U.S. Department of Justice sources and those close to Lebron James camp, Lebron James will be broken up into several smaller corporations pursuant to the Sherman Antitrust Act. The agreement was reached when both parties agreed that the current structure and size of Lebron James was harmful to all involved.
Lebron James will be separated into six distinct corporations. Lebron James Global Marketing, Lebron James Entertainment, Lebron James Family, Lebron James Nike, Lebron James Basketball and Lebron James New York. As it was when Lebron James was a single entity, Lebron James Nike will remain the largest and most influential of the new businesses.
"Lebron James was never a true monopoly because monopolies crush opposition and Lebron James never actually won anything," said Michael Klein, lead negotiator for the U.S. government in the case. "But, it had grown so big it could not serve anyone's interests — the NBA, the City of Cleveland, the public, Lebron James himself — all were being harmed by size of Lebron James. This should fix that."
Lebron James himself, who will be allowed to decide which new Lebron James company he would like to lead, said the agreement relieves a lot of pressure.
"The days of corporations the size of Michael Jordan are over," he said. "We gave it a run, but it's a new world. I'm just happy to stay a part of one of these great companies."
James is reportedly deciding between taking the helm of Lebron James Global Marketing, Lebron James Nike or Lebron James New York.
"Running Lebron James New York is very tempting," said Lebron James. "It would be a new challenge. And I could grow the Lebron James brand there while Lebron James Basketball stays headquartered in Cleveland. Or moves elsewhere. Who knows. It's not my call anymore."
Lebron James Basketball will reportedly be headed by entertainer Jay-Z.