How today’s star athletes will look when they’re old

Remember the '90s?
Ken Griffey, Jr. was young and full of life. He seemed like he'd be on top of the world forever. Now he's 40, fat and falling asleep during games.
Sigh. Looking back, his prime seemed to go by so fast. As will the primes of today's star athletes.
Using photo-aging technology, SportsPickle has found how some of 2010's star athletes will look years from now. Take a look.

Good news, Giants fans. Unlike Griffey — and Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, and Barry Bonds — Tim Lincecum won't get fat. The reigning NL Cy Young Award winner will, however, continue with his "recreational activities" and they will take a noticeable toll on his body. (Note: the photo on the right is three years from now.) Lincecum's career will end in 2023 when, celebrating a strikeout, he stage-dives off the mound and throws out his back.

The early career success in Orlando. The thunderous dunks. The appearances in incredibly awful movies (chances are that "Just Wright" is from "the people who brought you 'Kazaam'!"). This one is obvious. Forget 15 or 20 years — Dwight Howard is one offseason full of buffet restaurants and the release of an ill-advised rap album away from looking like this in November.

Phelps already eats 12,000 calories a day. Subway offers many options that aren't low-fat and that metabolism will be slowing down any day now. Sure, Phelps is a Baltimore Ravens fan, not a Colts fan. But by the time the photo on the right is taken, Baltimore will have lost their football team again.

Prince Fielder is already fat. But don't think that means he can't get fatter. By the time Fielder turns 40, he will have become his own land mass, long since pushed out of Lake Michigan like a barge to larger, warmer waters where he can relax and float away his days. His body will become a frequent host of the Caribbean World Series.

As the injuries continue to rack up, Mauer will struggle to keep the weight off. However, instead of the typical fat baseball player, he will take on the form of a massive, bloated, immovable contract.

Brady will stay trim, dedicated to his status as a fashion icon. However, he will completely give in to his obvious feminine tendencies via gender reassignment surgery.

Yeah, there's actually no way he can look any older.

Benjamin Button with a fastball. Well, a change-up, at least.