Greece now thinking the Athens Olympics didn’t bring in the expected money

With the country in the midst of financial collapse, many politicians in Greece are now coming to grips with the reality that the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens may not have given the bankrupt country the financial windfall it had hoped for and been promised. "I don't know if we exactly expected to become incredibly rich," said prime ministerKonstandinos Karamanlis. "But I guess we probably felt the entire country wouldn't be broke in six years. Yeah, I think that was a safe bet. Hey, who knew?" As Greece looks for ways to crawl out of its financial hole, Karamanlis and other officials wonder if another Olympics is the key. "Maybe we can get one of those Winter Olympics," he said. "Maybe they're the lucrative ones. At the very least, the rioters could use the Olympic torch to burn the country down."