Flyers Fan Apologizes for Vandalizing Simon Gagne’s Car

Quebec native Simon Gagne returned to his car after practice yesterday morning to find that the tires were slashed and windows were broken. On the driver's door was spray-painted: "GO HOME FRENCH F##GOT!"
"I walked out to my car and couldn't believe what happened," said Gagne. "I asked a guy standing there if he saw who did it and he said: 'Yeah! Me, man! I saw a Quebec license plate and I did what needed to be done!' And then he tried to give me a high-five."
Gagne, the Sainte-Foy, Quebec native who has scored six goals during Philadelphia's six-game playoff win streak, then used his cell phone to call team security to deal with the fan.
"I want to win the Stanley Cup," said Gagne. "We all do. But it's really hard playing for these people sometimes. I think Scott Hartnell is the only one who likes them. Probably because he's even dumber than they are."
But Gagne stressed that not all Philadelphia fans behave in a boorish, violent or criminal way.
"I don't want to paint with a broad brush," he said. "Only 80, 85-percent are like that. There is a small percentage of nice ones."
The fan who vandalized Gagne's car said he was disappointed to hear the star center is from Quebec.
"That's f—king gay, man," said Tommy Jenks. "I thought he was from Philly. I don't know how much I can cheer for him anymore. At least we got people like Danny Briere. That's a good Philly name. I know a bunch of people named Danny."