Everyone on Titans Sick of Myron Rolle Calling It "American Football"

Though he’s been a member of the Tennesee Titans for less than a month, 6thround draft pick and former Rhodes Scholar Myrone Rolle has already made enemies on the team by constantly correcting anyone who doesn’t use the term “American football” to describe the sport they’re playing.
“At first I thought he was just joking around," said head coach Jeff Fisher. "But after he started writing ‘American’ before ‘football’ wherever it appeared in the playbook, and it’s in therea lot, I knew this was going to be a problem.”
Titans quarterback Vince Young has already held two players-only meetings to address the issue.
“It’s one thing to be self-deprecating every now and then, because that’s the kind of British personality we expected from him," said Young. "But it’s whole different thing to say, ‘Oh I didn’t realize we were playing the game where we use our feet to kick a ball into a goal’ 14 times during morning stretching alone. Shut up, man.”
Correcting the language used by coaches and teammates hasn’t been the only problem for Rolle, who has already been reprimanded for using the film room in the Titans facilities to catch up on the latest episode ofDoctor Whoand spiking the team’s Gatorade containers with Earl Grey tea. He has also showed up each morning touting some new British band on his iPod as "the next Beatles."
According to Fisher, the only silver lining for the team thus far was management’s decision to waive linebacker Keith Bulluck this off-season. “Myron would probably giggle like a schoolgirl every time we said his name.”