Craig Sager Conducts Postgame Interview in a Suit of Armor

TNT sideline reporter Craig Sager conducted his postgame interviews last night following the Suns-Lakers game in a vintage suit of armor, reportedly from 1500s France.
"He did?" said Suns point guard Steve Nash, who was interviewed by Sager. "I honestly didn't notice. It seemed like something he normally wears. Huh."
Sager said he purchased the suit from the Phoenix Museum of History a few hours before the game.
"I was on my way to Dumbo Jim's Costume Shop to get a new suit — it's one of the best men's clothiers in the country — but happened to walk past the museum on my way and saw that suit of armor in the window," said Sager. "I knew I had to have it. They don't make suits that shiny anymore."
Just $40,000 later, the suit was his and he set off to a welder to get it fitted in time for the game.
"You have to raise your game for the playoffs, just like the players do," said Sager.
With that in mind, and with only a few games left in his season before ABC takes over basketball for the NBA Finals, Sager says he has the rest of his outfits already planned.
"Game 5 is a Hazmat suit, Game 6 I'll be dressed as an astronaut," said Sager. "And, if it goes seven, I'm wearing my birthday suit. But I'll have tassels on my nipples. You know, for decency."