Canadiens to start Jaroslav Halak at left wing in hopes of jumpstarting offense

With the Montreal Canadiens facing elimination in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference semifinals, Canadiens head coach Jacques Martin is making a gamble. "We need to score goals if we're going to win," said Martin. "We haven't scored more than three goals in a game this series. We've been shut out in one game. It's time to put our best players where we need them." So star goalie Jaroslav Halak will start at left wing on Montreal's top line tonight. "Jaroslav has been clutch for us all playoffs," said Martin. "I'm confident he'll step up for us again." Halak said he'll do his best. "I haven't played offense since I was six years old, but I watch it a lot from in goal. I've picked up a lot of stuff," he said. "I'm just worried it will be hard for me to skate fast with these pads on."