Yahoo! Message Board Legal Analyst Says Roethlisberger Should Have Been Charged

PongMonkey40, a self-proclaimed legal "expert" who "knows about this stuff" and has therefore posted a lot on Yahoo's Ben Roethlisberger story pages, wrote today that the quarterback "should have been charged … something is fishy here."
The message board poster, who frequently refers to Roethlisberger as "Rapelisberger" and the Steelers as the "Jailers" and Pittsburgh as "Crimesburgh" and the Monongahela River as the "Monongarrested River," has said that the evidence was "overwhelming" against Roethlisberger and that the quarterback would be easily convicted for the crime and sentenced to "40 years to life in federal prison."
But now that the Milledgeville, Georgia, investigation is over without any charges, PongMonkey40 is sure there is a cover up.
"Did you see that DA's tie? That looked pretty nice!!!! I bet RAPESALOTBURGER bought that for him!!!" he posted after the DA announced his decision.
After another poster responded to his post with: "That's ridiculous. The DA isn't going to drop the case for a nice tie," PongMonkey40 laid into him: "Just another JAILERS fan who is ok with RAPE if it gets them a few wins!!! Disgusting!!!"
That post was followed by a racist post, a homophobic post and then a spam post for a erectile dysfunction website, but no response from the "JAILERS fan" that PongMonkey40 addressed.
"Shut you up, didn't I?" PongMonkey40 posted. "Just like my dick in your girlfriend's mouth."
PongMonkey40 then went over to the Washington Wizards team page where, on the preview page for the team's game against the Knicks, posted: "How's it going Jailzards fans? Gilbert Gunrenas should be in JAIL! You don't know the FACTS OF THE CASE!!! I DO!!!!!"