SportsPickle Fan Girl: Leia (Pepperdine University)

SportsPickle Fan Girl
Leia — Pepperdine University

SP: Do you have any sports background?
Leia:I danced (ballet, jazz and hip hop) for 15 years, cheered in between all of that for 4 years, and had a brief 2 year equestrian stint in there as well. Although I'm no longer active in those, I still workout like a fiend and am really into kickboxing, pilates, yoga, hiking and beach volleyball!
SP: What are your favorite sports to watch?

Leia:I love watching football and basketball since I used to cheer for them.

SP:Who is your favorite team? Favorite athlete?

Leia:My favorite team would definitely have to be the Cowboys since my brother has been into them since we were kids. Emmitt Smith and Troy Aikman were the best to watch! Currently though, I'd have to pick Tom Brady for my favorite player… because, well… he's hot.
SP: Super hot.

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