Report: Canucks-Kings game ended very late at night

According to several sources, Game 3 of the Los Angeles Kings-Vancouver Canucks conference quarterfinals ended very late at night. There are conflicting reports as to which team won, but the Canucks scored three goals, assuming you heard part of that score on the radio this morning correctly. Due to the late finishes that have plagued the series so far, and also most of the teams' regular season games, neither team is expected to make a serious run at the Cup. "They don't match up to the star power of teams like Pittsburgh, Washington and Detroit," said USA Today hockey writer Glenn Bonner. "I've seen each of them play one, maybe two times this year, and I never heard of any of their players. That's a bad sign for them. They need to improve their roster or schedule their games before I go to bed around 11:00 p.m. Eastern."