Photo Scouting Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma

The NFL Draft is almost here. While scouts will break down every little thing about each player — how fast he runs, how high he jumps, how he conducts himself in an interview — they should not forget to mine the valuable football information that comes from photos.
Today SportsPickle presents the photo scouting report on:Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma.

Bradford has been a star since stepping on the field at Oklahoma. But he doesn't take himself too seriously and won't hesitate to lighten the mood in the locker room with hijinks like wearing a novelty clown wig.

Bradford has never gotten into any reported trouble. However, due to some of his associations, teams have to be concerned that he will be a total failure in the NFL.

Bradford, who is 1/16th Cherokee, is an affable guy who is happy to sign anything handed to him, from footballs and photographs to game programs and unfair land deals. NFL teams may be able to sign him for cheap.

Bradford wowed scouts at his pro day, regularly launching the ball nearly 300 yards through the air. Although some in attendance admitted they would have liked to see him throw a football.

Bradford is courageous both on and off the field. Photographed here with his elderly lover Elmer Johnson, Bradford will be the first openly gay NFL player.

While Bradford has a chronically injured shoulder, that shouldn't really be a concern for NFL teams. Getting tackled in the defense-free Big 12 was likely a big surprise to him. In the brutal NFL, he'll probably make a concerted effort to keep his shoulder joint tight.

Teams won't have to worry that Bradford will want to be a media star and spend his time doing magazine shoots like past highly-drafted quarterbacks. He is more grounded than that.
Also, he has a farmer's tan and no muscle tone, so it's unlikely any magazines will contact him.