Novice Promoter Dubs Mayweather-Mosley "The Fight of Spring 2010"

Golden Boy Promotions, the promotional company hyping this Saturday’s Shane Mosley-Floyd Mayweather, Jr. bout, is beginning to regret hiring a new employee to organize the run-up to the fight.
“We are learning the hard way that a fight of this magnitude needs to be handled by someone with years of boxing experience – someone who really knows how to over-exaggerate the magnitude of something,” said Golden Boy CEO Howard Ramsey. “Someone who is trained in the fine art of hyperbole. Someone who knows how important outright deceit is in convincing the public to fork over their money.”
Currently dubbed “The Fight of Spring 2010” by HBO and Golden Boy Promotions, those close to the fight worry the tagline isn’t enticing enough to get a high number of pay-per-view buys. But Jeff Miller, who is heading up the fight’s promotion, doesn’t want to mislead the consumer.
“I had a brainstorming meeting with some of my bosses when this fight was in the planning stages and they suggested we call it The Fight Of The Century or The Fight Of The Millennium,” said Miller. “They are fine ideas, sure – but we’re only in 2010. How am I to know the greatest fight ever won’t be in 2078 or something? I think we can only judge the greatness of a fight after it is over. In fact, I feel I’m being quite boastful simply calling this the fight of this spring. There are many fights this spring that could be great.”
But with HBO looking to get more pay-per-view orders with the fight just hours away, Miller has been ordered to come up with a new, more exciting tagline.
“I have one I’m pretty happy with,” he said. “I want to call it: ‘Mayweather-Mosley: This Could Be One Of The Best Fights Of May 1, 2010.’ I think everyone involved will agree this is a great promotional line. It subtly promotes our undercard fights of the same night as worthy of equal attention as the main event. Yet at the same time it protects us from any charges of false advertising, unlike a ‘Fight of the Century’ type of name. The boxing industry doesn't need any more legal troubles.”
And if that pitch is turned down? Miller has one more up his sleeve.
“My Plan B idea is ‘Mayweather-Mosley: This Very Likely Will Be A Huge Letdown Based On The Amount Of Pre-Fight Hype It Has Received,” said Miller. “What that does is lower consumer expectations. Then, once the fight is over, they’re more likely to say: ‘Hey, that wasn’t a huge letdown. It wasn’t the greatest fight ever or anything. But at least some parts parts of it were exciting.’ That way they’re less likely to regret shelling out the money to watch the fight and more likely to trust our advertising for future bouts. It’s Promotions 101. Or at least the Promotions 101 class I would teach.”