New BCS Formula to Include CH4

The Bowl Championship Series has released its formula for determining how conferences, such as the Mountain West, can earn an automatic bid to the big-money bowls.The new BCS formula for 2010 will be tweaked a bit to include CH4, commonly known as methane.
“People are always ripping on the BCS formula, so we decided to listen for the call for change,” said BCS executive director Bill Hancock. “We considered several options and decided on CH4. Carbon and hydrogen are the building blocks of life, you know. And we got four hydrogens in there. That's a lot.”
Hancock said the BCS commissioners also considered adding C6H1206 – or glucose – to the BCS formula, as well as a denominator or one of those squared signs.
“One commissioner, who will remain nameless,” said Hancock, “suggested we throw in one of those squiggly line things that goes in front of a lot of calculus equations. That’s madness! We’re trying to run a reputable football organization here.”
The new formula will be used this season and could be tweaked before the 2011 season if it doesn't work.
"We're administrators, not chemists. For all we know, we made something that could blow up and kill people," he said. "But everyone wants to include these non-BCS teams. Well, you're going to get your wish. Just don't blame us if there are deaths."