NBA Defensive Player of the Year: "The f–k you looking at?"

Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic won his second straight NBA defensive player of the year award today, but refused to accept it at a scheduled press conference. "Nah. No thank you," said Howard. "And who are you to give me an award? You don't know me."
The All-Star center said that he appreciated the defensive honor, but reiterated that he wanted nothing to do with it.
"People try to give me stuff all the time, but you have to question their intentions," said Howard. "So I take this award and then what? What are they going to ask for in return? You don't know. You don't. Somebody in my position, I have to look out for me. I have to protect me."
Teammates say that Howard was even more defensive this year than he was during the 2008-2009 season.
"He snaps at everything now," said guard J.J. Redick. "You tell him: 'Hey, man, great shot.' And he just scowls at you. He always feels like we are attacking him, even with a legitimate compliment. Like we were surprised he made a shot or something."
Those who knew Howard in high school say he wasn't always so defensive.
"Dwight was always a very warm, fun kid to be around," said his high school coach, Bill Jacobs. "Yet a ferocious defender."
Howard bristled at the comments from his former coach.
"I notice he didn't compliment my offense," said Howard. "See? This is the kind of thing I'm talking about. That's why I can't ever let my guard down."