Mariners host "Get Told The F**k Off By Milton Bradley" Night

In an official press release Thursday, the Mariners front office announcedthat all fans, 12 years of age and older will receive a quarter-minute,swear-filled rant from outfielder Milton Bradley as they enter the park fortomorrow night's game against the Cleveland Indians. "It's definitely thekind of thing that fans are excited to come to the ballpark to see," saidDirector of Events Jill Hashimoto. "Milton will end every rant with a'fuck off' or 'get the fuck to your seat.' Milton's a fun guy so I'm surethere will be plenty of spitting and crotch grabbing." Hashimoto also explainedthat the first 3,000 ticket buyers with will be able to redeem theirtickets at Safeco Field for a free headbutt and eye gouge from Bradley afterthe game.