Joe Mauer buys round of Jeep Wranglers for everyone at the bar

Twins MVP catcher Joe Mauer spent $422,604 of his 8-year, $184 millioncontract on a round of Jeep Wrangler sport utility vehicles for all thecustomers at Obbs Sports Bar & Grill in St. Paul, Minn., Thursday evening. "Itwas awesome. He just came in, raised his arm, and did one of those fingerswirly motions. The next thing I knew, there were like 20 Jeep Wranglerspulling up outside the front of the bar," loyal Twins fan, and now owner ofa 2010 charcoal-colored Jeep Wrangler, Jake Goffred told reporters. "He[Mauer] even covered the tip for all the drivers, which was really greatbecause I don't think anyone else at the bar had $500 on them." According tohis agent, Mauer plans to cover the cost of damage and hospital visits fromthe 11 reported drunk driving accidents involving his Jeep Wranglers thatnight. And the accidents weren't the only issue with the gift. "Really? Cloth interior?" said Mike Jepsen, who got a white jeep. "If I made that kind of money, I'd be way more generous than that."