Jake Locker to Hold 12 Pre-Draft Workouts at Game Speed This Fall

Washington Huskies quarterback Jake Locker, the presumed No. 1 overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, will reportedly make himself available to scouts at 12 "games" this fall, both at Husky Stadium and at other venues throughout the West.
"This is a great way for Jake to sell himself to NFL teams," says NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock. "It will give scouts a much better look than the NFL combine or a single pro day does."
Locker's workouts will be held at game speed and against a full defense. Each workout will include four 15-minute sessions. The workout's organizers even plan to keep score.
"It will definitely generate attention," said draft analyst Todd McShay. "But I don't think anyone will care about all the scoreboard bells and whistles. They'll be looking more at stuff like footwork and how he works out of the pro set. I would caution him to only run plays out of NFL-style formations regardless of the situation and no matter what those around him suggest."
Six of Locker's workouts will be held in Seattle at Husky Stadium, while there will be one each in Provo, UT, Los Angeles, Tucson, Eugene, OR, Berkley, CA, and Pullman, OR.
"I can understand having workouts in Seattle, and near the Cardinals and Raiders — they could all be potential NFL homes for him," said Mayock. "But the other locations are confusing. They are not NFL cities and he needs to make it easier for teams in the East to see him workout."
There has been some talk of Locker concluding his series of pre-draft activities with a high-profile workout in early January, but many are doubting that will happen.
"You don't want to get overexposed," says Mayock. "You can get to a point of diminishing returns. It's crazy enough the reports I'm hearing that he's going to allow these workout defenses to make contact with him. He needs to remember he has a future to worry about."