Excited Demolition Crew Goes Ahead and Explodes Cowboys Stadium, Too

After demolishing Texas Stadium in front of crowd of thousands of cheering spectators, the demolition crew was so inspired by the passion and enthusiasm of the fans that they hastily rigged up explosives to the nearby $1.15 billion dollarCowboysStadium and imploded that as well.

"As far as implosions go, this was a huge success," said a giddy demolition crew chief Gerald Hearst, who struggled to hold back his happiness. "Usually we just blow up one thing and leave. But the crowd really wanted it this time. It felt like I was in a band and the crowd was demanding an encore."

A crowd of 20,000 gathered to witness the destruction, many of whom drove from Irving to Arlington to see the second explosion, calling more friends to join them along the way.

CowboysStadium, the now former home of the DallasCowboys, opened in 2009 and theCowboysplayed there until the end of the 2009 season, including one post-season apperance. It was a piece of Texas football history, playing host to such momentous events as theCowboys' 37-21 victory over the Falcons in Week 5 of last season and theCowboys' 38-17 victory over the Seahawks in Week 6 of last season.

"I wasn't expecting it to be so emotional," Harold Keynes, an onlooker and lifetimeCowboysfan, said to reporters. "And I definitely wasn't expecting them to blow up two stadiums in a row."

Added Keynes: "I'm really glad they did, though. It was awesome."

Thousands of pounds of dynamite were used in the initial explosion, and another several thousands of pounds that reportedly just happened to be lying around were also used in the second explosion.

"Seeing Texas Stadium go was like saying goodbye to an old friend," formerCowboyscheerleader Cindy Grainger told reporters. "SeeingCowboysStadium go was like saying goodbye to that kid in your class who you never really knew to but you always thought you'd get along if you did actually talk to each other."
"Yeah! F—k the Cowboys!" said an Eagles fan who was in Dallas on business. "This is the greatest day of my life!"

Following the two major blasts, the demolition crew salvaged enough pounds of dynamite to blow up other arenas in Texas, including American Airlines Center, Minute Maid Park, whatever it's called where the Houston Texans play, and the Alamo.