Eagles Fans Hope McNabb Trade Opens Spot for Ricky Williams

After 11 seasons, five NFC title game appearances and one Super Bowl appearance, the Donovan McNabb era is over in Philadelphia. And for many Eagles fans, the end couldn't have come soon enough.
"I hate to say 'I told you so,' but I told you so," said Donny Nichols, a caller into Philadelphia sports talk station WIP this morning. "This trade is management finally admitting that Donovan wasn't a good fit with the Eagles. As I booed at the '99 draft, Ricky Williams was the better pick. I just wish it didn't take them this long to come to their senses."
Eagles fans wanted Williams, the star Texas running back, and not McNabb in the first round in 1999. Fast-forward to today and McNabb is traded off in the division for a mid-second round draft pick, while Williams is coming off a season in which he scored 13 touchdowns and averaged 4.7 yards per carry for the Miami Dolphins. Williams is also a year younger than McNabb and has a significantly lower salary.
"Game, set and match," WIP caller Ron "Big Ron" Mackey told show host Howard Eskin. "I've been saying on these airwaves for years that I could run this team better, and now it's proved. McNabb is gone. Even Brian Westbrook is gone. And look: we need a running back. Could it be any more obvious now that we should've drafted Ricky back in '99 like I said. Sometimes I wish I rooted for a team run by people who were smarter than me."
Big Ron also advised during his call that the Eagles create some competition for Kevin Kolb at the quarterback spot by drafting Sam Bradford and offering running back LeSean McCoy and a draft pick to the Patriots in exchange for Tom Brady.
"That's a move I think the Patriots make," said Big Ron.
Meanwhile, sources within the Eagles front office give no indication that the team plans to acquire Williams.
"Show your displeasure at the draft," Eskin advised his listeners. "Whoever they pick, boo him. Remind Andy Reid that you know better."