Draft expert fired for publishing several inaccurate mock drafts

CBSsports.com writer Pete Prisco was fired by the website today for publishing a series of mock drafts in the weeks leading up to the NFL Draft that turned out to be fraught with errors.“We hold our writers to a high standard and Pete’s recent work was wildly inaccurate,” said CBSsports.com managing editor Dave Dambrow. “I mean, more than half of his last mock draft turned out to be wrong. More than half! And Jimmy Clausen to the 49ers? The guy didn’t even go in the first round. That’s just terrible. We’re journalists. Our readers expect facts from us.”Prisco said he is sorry for the inaccuracy of his mock drafts, but stressed to management that he did his best to get it right. "I’ve been publishing a new mock draft approximately every seven hours since February,” said Prisco. “I’ve done 1,329 mock drafts in that time. I’m sure that one of those in there somewhere along the way was pretty close to being right. It's basic statistics."