Dozens Dead in Attack on Jets’ War Room

The casualties are still being tallied from an early-morning attack on the New York Jets' draft war room, but at least 25 scouts and personnel staff members are dead, and the team's draft plans are in tatters.
"It's complete chaos down there," said NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock. "There are bodies and blood everywhere. Limbs blown off. People screaming. They don't know even know if they want to pick Jared Odrick or Terrence Cody anymore. They could draft a running back."
Survivors say the attack likely would have killed many more, but scores of employees dived behind head coach Rex Ryan and were protected from the blast. No group has taken credit for the attack, but it is presumed that the New England Patriots are responsible.
With the draft just around the corner, the team is desperately trying to pull together in time to bring in another strong class. Ryan picked through the still smoldering war room this afternoon, looking for scouting tapes and player profiles that could be salvaged.
"Goddammit!" he yelled, kicking aside a severed arm still clutching a clipboard. "Where's our file on Jahvid Best?"
The team says it will wait to bury, or even recover, the bodies of its dead until after the three-day draft is over. The families of the fallen understand.
"It's what Pete would have wanted," said Cheryl McClintock, wife of the team's chief Big Ten scout, Pete McClintock. "The attack is in the past. These draft picks are the future. He loved football so much, which is why me and the kids only saw him a week or two out of the year. I know his dying wish would have been to still hold the draft. And also to draft Jared Odrick. That kid has a great motor."