Dead Player Sliding Down Draft Boards

According to personnel sources with several teams, Texas linebacker Marcell Pinkins is plummeting down draft boards just days before the NFL Draft over reports that he was involved in a death incident this weekend.
"Marcell was a tweener to begin with," said one team source. "We thought he was a little small for a linebacker, but not fast enough for safety. And from what we've heard from this weekend, he's only going to be slower and lighter."
Pinkins passed away Saturday night in a one vehicle crash on I-20 east of Dallas when he lost control of his Toyota Corolla and hit a tree. The two-time All-Big 12 linebacker was pronounced dead at the scene.
The player's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, dismisses reports that Pinkins' stock is dropping.
"You hear this sort of thing as the draft approaches every year," said Rosenhaus. "It's misinformation from teams so other teams don't know what they're planning. It's nothing but misinformation."
Rosenhaus said the only true part of the reports are that Pinkins is dead.
"Yes. Very dead," he said. "The funeral is tomorrow. I'll be there. As will his whole family. Marcell has a good family and good people around him. NFL teams can't discount that."
While many teams are souring on the deceased player, others say he remains a good pick.
"Teams always put too much stock in the measurables — 40 time, vertical leap, a pulse," said an Eagles representative. "But if you put the tape on from last season, Pinkins is a great football player. His lack of biological life doesn't change that."
Jerry Jones says the Cowboys will carefully consider Pinkins.
"Sure, dying hurts him," said Jones. "It's bad timing to die just days before the draft. But he is still on our draft board. He's right above Tim Tebow."