Colorado Rockies: 2010 Preview

SportsPickle is previewing each MLB team as the 2010 season opens. Today: Colorado Rockies (2009: 92-70, NL wildcard winner).

STARTING PITCHINGThe Rockies have a solid rotation in Ubaldo Jimenez, Jorge De La Rosa, Aaron Cook, Jeff Francis and Jason Hammel. In fact, Colorado had the tenth best ERA in baseball last year at 4.22. Hey, remember back when everyone said it would be impossible for the Rockies ever to have good pitching because of the thin mountain air? It turns out their pitchers just sucked. Really! Denny Neagle did not deserve to be an ace. It's true.
LINEUPThe Rockies were 72-38 after June 3rd last year, a pace that would have them win 106 games over a full season. But five lineup regulars —Chris Iannetta, Ian Stewart, Troy Tulowitzki, Dexter Fowler and Carlos Gonzalez —are all 26 or younger. It's quite conceivable that Colorado will even improve. In fact, I bet they go 162-0 this year. (Ah, dammit. They're already 3-3. Now that prediction just looks foolish.)
BULLPEN … Franklin Morales will assume the closer's role again while Huston Street is hurt. I don't think we'll see Street back on the mound anytime soon. I heard he's paralyzed.

Don't go to Mexico for experimental surgery, Street! It won't work!
BENCHColorado's bench features Jason Giambi and Melvin Mora. Both players are washed-up and quite old. So it's good they're in Colorado. They're a whole mile closer to heaven.
OVERALLThe Rockies have made a habit of making torrid runs at the end of the season. There was last year's hot finish and then, of course, the 14-1 finish to the 2007 season that ended in a World Series appearance. Colorado can't keep waiting to kick things into gear. They need to get off to better starts … and then lose a lot at the end of the season. Like the Mets. Because that's hilarious.