Celtics Disappointed Kevin Garnett Only Suspended for One Game

The Boston Celtics plan to appeal the NBA's decision to suspend forward Kevin Garnett for one game for his part in a fracas in the closing moments of Boston's Game 1 opening round playoff victory over the Miami Heat.
"He elbowed Quentin Richardson right in the face," said Celtics head coach Doc Rivers. "The NBA can't let something like that go with just a slap on the wrist, am I right? Also, Kevin Garnett is a complete dick and he's not fun to be around. At all. He makes all of us dread coming to work every day. I was hoping the NBA would suspend him for the remainder of the playoffs."
Garnett averaged the worst numbers of his career this year — 14.3 points and 7.3 rebounds — since his rookie season 14 years ago, and Rivers would happily replace them with someone else if he had the option.
"I am pretty much obligated to play Kevin," he said. "But it wouldn't be hard to replace his production. However, it would be hard to replace his attitude, which is basically him thinking he is some sort of mix between Michael Jordan and General Patton. And that's great. I wouldn't want to replace that. I hate that. I hate everything about it."
While Stu Jackson, the NBA's punishment deputy, says the suspension is final, the Celtics plan to send additional information to the league in hopes of extending the suspension.
Among the package is clip after clip of Garnett screaming over inconsequential plays in regular season games, pretty much every interview he has ever done, and never-before-seen tapes from Boston practices in which Garnett makes a ball boy cry, as well as Glen Davis and Brian Scalabrine.
But Jackson says even all of that likely won't sway him.
"If being a total asshole merited suspension, most professional sports teams wouldn't be able to field a complete team," he said.