Broncos Draft Motivational Mascot Tim Tebow

The Denver Broncos provided the shock of the first round of the NFL Draft, using the 25th pick of the draft to select an inspirational mascot: Tim Tebow. It's the first time a team has taken a mascot in the history of the draft.
"I just want to work hard and be a role model," said Tebow. "I want to do whatever is asked of me and just show my passion for the game of football and for this team."
The San Diego Chicken himself couldn't have said it better. And Tebow will follow through.He is expected to sell tons of merchandise, get casual fans throughout the Rockies interested in the Broncos, and also appear at numerous charity and community events.
"We didn't think there were any guaranteed star players available at No. 25 so we decided to go this route," said Broncos team president Pat Bowlen. "It was either bring in Tebow or get a dance team. We decided Tebow was the best option. The insurance premiums on even a 10-girl dance team are pretty high. And most dance teams are 12 or 16 girls. Tim is just one mascot. And, who knows — maybe we can teach him to dance, too."
But the Broncos think Tebow is more than just someone who fires up the fans — they want him to make an impact on the field, too.
"I definitely think Tebow will help us on the field," said Broncos cornerback and team leader Champ Bailey. "Anything that get fans more into the game, gets them cheering louder — that energy is passed down to us players. He can be like our new Barrel Man."
Head coach Josh McDaniels says he can't wait to get Tebow out on the field to see what he can do.
"I am so excited about this pick," he said. "Can you imagine it? Tebow dropping back to throw? That hilarious motion of his? Launching tee-shirts wildly into the crowd? It's going to be so awesome. And so funny. He will be an instant crowd favorite. Would I have liked a player who can come right in and play? Sure. But we play for the fans, and this pick is all for them."