Blue Jays falls 17.5 games back on Opening Day

The Yankees and Red Sox opened the baseball season on the now traditional Opening Night with the Red Sox rallying for a 9-7 victory, a win that pushed the Toronto Blue Jays to 17.5 games out of first. "They're not officially that far out of first, I suppose," said Toronto Star sports editor Dale Pastoric. "But it's more of a placeholder in the standings. Budgets are tight here at the paper, and the Blue Jays will be that far out soon enough, so this saves us paying someone to update the standings." Blue Jays manager Cito Gaston says his team is not discouraged by its spot in the standings. "We have 162 games left and anything can happen," said Gaston. "And we're in a good spot. It actually feels more like we're 30 or 35 games out of first."