6 Distractions for Tiger at the Masters

Tiger Woods says he is a new man, a better man. But the Masters is a difficult place for a supposed sex addict to make his return to golf.
Consider the many distractions and temptations found throughout Augusta National.

Before Tiger even sets foot on the course, he will be confronted by a sign detailing Augusta National's rules.
Ouch. Strict.

And, remember, Augusta is in Georgia. Spring is in full bloom right now. Pollen is everywhere.
That's right. You know what that means.
The azaleas are doing it.
Hard not to be distracted by that.

Tiger best not look at any overhead shots of the holes. Here is the layout of the Par-3 4th hole. It's not hard to see it's a naked, kneeling woman.
And we won't even show you the 18th hole. The series of "money shot" white sand bunkers is unbelievably obscene.

Even if Tiger can somehow keep his attention on the course, there are still many distractions.
Take the famous Rae's Creek, for example.
It's a popular spot for sunbathers. If Tiger seems to purposely hit into the water, you'll know he's beginning to stray again.

Then, of course, is the biggest possible distraction for Tiger — his longtime rival Phil Mickelson.
Deliciously busty.

And, still, even if Tiger can maintain his focus and get on the leaderboard, he could be easily distracted by any number of good, sub-70 rounds.
Good luck, Tiger!