Yao Ming’s Wife Gives Birth To Beautiful 7-Foot Baby Girl

Basketball player Ye Li, the 6'2" wife of 7'6" Rockets centerYaoMing, has given birth to a healthy seven-foot baby girl.

The child was delivered by a team of 95 doctors, nurses, and assistants, as well as a Ford F-150 pickup truck early this morning at the The Woman’s Hospital of Texas in Houston. Li became only the second woman to give birth to baby over 12 pounds, with her child weighing in at 196 pounds, three ounces.

A spokesman for the hospital told reporters that doctors were "extremely proud" and "really f—king tired" after the 288-hour labor.
The newborn, named Xiao Hua or "tiny flower", provideda scare after delivery when she stopped breathing, but she was quickly resuscitated by doctors with the help of a sledgehammer and a leaf blower. Doctors are now confident that baby will survive, especially after she showed signs of strength when she crushed a soda can with just one grip.
"It's a beautiful baby girl," said Dr. Sherene Lassen, chief of the department of obstetrics and gynecology, who cared for the mother since the first trimester. "Just a giant beast of a baby. And we couldn't have done it without the help of the large animal veterinarians from the Houston Zoo."

Though the delivery went better than expected, doctors cautioned the baby might still require assistance with breathing and could face additional problems, including a soft spot on her head the size of a softball, sleeping problems due to college scouts and NBA general managers calling at all hours, and being hungry pretty much 24 hours a day.

Dr. Lassen described the mother, who was admitted to hospital eight weeks before the birth and was conscious during most of the delivery, as "very comfortable". Ye Li remains passed out and was unavailable for comment.