Wrestling move prefaced with awkward apology

Dave Tanner won the Pennsylvania state high school wrestling championship today in the 128-pound division — mercifully ending his season. "It's all just so weird," Tanner said of wrestling. "All the grabbing and the rubbing and the touching. I … I … it's awkward to say the least. I just do it because my dad wrestled in high school." Tanner pinned his opponent with a reverse move, but not before he asked if it would be okay to do. "There we are both wearing lycra, and I'm clutching him from behind," said Tanner. "About to really thrust my midsection into his buttocks in order to gain leverage. So I'm not going to just DO that in public without getting some sort of approval. That's why I asked: 'Do you mind if … well … how to say this … I'm going to put my hand here and then really thrust that way. Is that okay? I mean, is that a problem for you?'" Tanner's opponent, Kirk Roth, said it was fine with him. "I wanted it to end, too," he said. "So I just asked: 'No homo?' And he said 'no homo'. And then it was over."